Aura Colours – Yellow, Orange and Gold

Yellow indicates optimism, positivity and happiness, with orange showing creativity and inspiration

Yellow reminds me of a field of sunflowers, or a bright yellow sun shining down. Yellow radiates warmth and joy. It also symbolises the power of the intellect. Yellow is optimistic, sunny and happy. It shows a great communicator.

Aura Colours – Reds

A red aura is full of spirit, passion and life. The hint of orange at at the top shows the intellect and determination to follow through with creative ideas

Red is full of the spirit of physical life and the will to live. It’s adrenaline, determination, fire, and drive. Tireless energy, passion, and excitement.

Aura Photos

What do your Aura colours say about you?

Every living thing has an aura. An aura is the distinctive atmosphere or energy that surrounds or is created by a person, place, or thing.

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