Aura Colours – Blues and Greens

Green aura photo with gold yellow on the right side
An aura showing a practical, hardworking person, with green healing coming in and yellow gold intellect and ideas going out.


Blue is the colour of inspiration, peace, and tranquility. Bright blue makes me think of a clear blue sky. Just staring at the sky and watching clouds float by puts me in a meditative state.

Like the sky, blue can be changeable. Pale blue is tranquil and peaceful, bringing much-needed rest. Dark blue can be single-minded and too dark can lead to feeling gloomy. Similarly, too much blue, can lead to “feeling blue” and feelings of sadness and depression.

Blue has spiritual connotations, think Mother Mary. Blue can bring spiritual understanding, healing, and feelings of expansiveness.

A deep, clear blue in the aura represents pure religious feelings, with a more ethereal blue showing devotion. Bright blue suggests loyalty and sincerity. The paler blues are calming and healing.


Turquoise is a combination of blue and green. Turquoise is calming, soothing, and brings peace and harmony. Turquoise is a slow, persistent healer.

With Turquoise, I always think of a beautiful clear turquoise green sea, with waves gently lapping to and fro. Imagine sitting, quietly, by the sea and feeling the healing wash over you. This is the energy of turquoise.


Green is made of two primary colours – yellow and blue. Yellow represents the intellect and blue brings insight. Combined, the resulting colour, green, helps bring to the surface things that need to be resolved. This makes green the perfect colour for healing.

Green provides a sense of balance and harmony. It’s the colour of life – just think of trees and green foliage. Green is often a colour associated with healers. Just spending time in nature can help bring you back into balance.

Lime green – a combination of green and yellow – shows a zest for life and new directions. Light green can indicate prosperity and success. Pale green shows sympathy and compassion, but can also be a sign of immaturity or inexperience. Warm, mid-green is healing, comforting, generous, adaptable, and versatile.

Green with envy. Dark patches of green can show a tendency towards resentment, extreme possessiveness, deceit, and blindness to the needs of others. Cloudy olive can show betrayal and unfaithfulness.

Examples of Blue and Green Aura Combinations

Blue/White: “Peace. Loving, and Balancing” best describe your focus in life now. You are a natural, clear conduit for spiritual balancing energy for others as well as yourself. This light-colored blue energy indicates you are in a regenerative, restful phase. If you do not work in the energy­ balancing arts, you may find yourself gently encouraging and nurturing others with just your mere presence. Presently, your highest goals are to achieve complete inner peace and to develop your relationship with the Creator.

Light blue: Spiritual, sensitive, peaceful, loving, and balancing best describe your focus in life now. This light-colored blue indicates that you are in a regenerative phase, but, at the same time, you are channeling the divine white light that indicates you are acting as a clear, spiritual conduit for others as well as yourself. If you do not work in helping others, you may find yourself gently encouraging and nurturing others with just your mere presence.

Blue: At this point in time, you are experiencing deep inner peace and tranquility in your life. Above all, you want to create harmony and ease in your environment. You may be on holiday/vacation or just experiencing a “time out” to relax and gather your energies. If you meditate, you may be able to easily access blissful states of consciousness. Your spirituality, rest, and peace are your main focus now.

Aquamarine: You have a compassionate, sensitive, yet practical nature. You are a natural teacher, counselor, healthcare worker, and parent. You know how to help, encourage and nurture others with equal amounts of firmness and affection. Presently, you may find yourself in a “balancing” phase, needing time to be alone, rest, and recuperate. Self­ healing and nurturing are essential for people who are constantly giving to others.

Green: “Hard at work” would best describe you now. You have serious goals, and you live your life in an organized, deliberate, and economical fashion. You are ambitious and desire prestige, notoriety, and power. You are also full of compassion and can be just as generous as you are demanding. You may be an excellent teacher, counselor, or business owner. You are full of gentle strength.

Yellow/green: Compassion, idealism, balancing, and teaching mixed with a sense of joy would best describe your present focus in life. You have serious goals and ideals and have natural compassion towards all of humanity, yet you wish to enjoy yourself while you work. You have a bright and quick intellect always curious for new ideas. You may be a voracious reader; gobbling up every book you can get your hands on when you encounter a new subject interesting to you.

Green/yellow: Compassion and idealism mixed with a sense of fun would best describe your present attitude toward life. You have serious goals and ideals and have a natural compassion towards all of humanity, yet you wish to enjoy yourself while you work. Just because you’re serious about accomplishing something doesn’t mean you live your life seriously. You’re fun to be around, and you inspire others with your happy, hopeful attitude.

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