Instruments used in a Soundbath

Meditation Ball in sound therapy

I’m often asked what instruments are used in a Soundbath. A Soundbath is where you relax whilst being “bathed” in harmonious sound. Any combination of instruments can be used. Below are my favourites. Himalayan Singing BowlsBelief is that Himalayan Singing Bowls are part of the bell family and date back to the Bronze Age in… Continue reading Instruments used in a Soundbath

What is a Soundbath?

Tibetan singing bowl in sound therapy

What is a Sound bath? Imagine either sitting or lying down as you relax whilst gentle sounds take your on a deep journey of relaxation. Each gentle chime helping take you deeper in to the wonderful Alpha and Theta states, which signifies that the brain is in a state of mediation and calm. As you… Continue reading What is a Soundbath?

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy sessions in Lowestoft and Pakefield

What is Sound Therapy Have you ever listened to a piece of music and felt like you wanted to get up and dance? Or maybe the piece brought tears to your eye as it filled you with emotion? Have you noticed how music can affect your mood? Sound and music can calm or stimulate the… Continue reading Sound Therapy