Placing Crystals in your Home

Crystals for the home

Everything that occurs in your home emits some form of energy. You can utilise numerous crystals in your area to achieve the proper balance and to eradicate negative energies.

Cleansing Crystals

Using a sage smudge stick to cleanse a clear quartz point

How to Cleanse Crystals Have you ever noticed that when you first carry a crystal it helps you, but then after a while, it doesn’t seem to do anything? This is because it is now full of stagnant energy. If you’re working with or using crystals on an energy level – enjoying them for reasons… Continue reading Cleansing Crystals

Crystal Healing

Rose quartz crystal heart layout for crystal healing therapy

The purpose of crystal healing is to bring aspects of yourself back into balance. As we go about the day we pull ourselves out of alignment and onement with our true Divine nature. Instead of trusting in God / All that is, we allow worry, fear and uncertainty to creep in. This pulls us out… Continue reading Crystal Healing