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What do your Aura colours say about you?

Every living thing has an aura. An aura is the distinctive atmosphere or energy that surrounds or is created by a person, place, or thing.

Clairvoyants can naturally see these auras. For the rest of us, Aura photography is a way to translate those auras into the physical world. With special equipment, you can record and display the electromagnetic energy that comes off a person’s body and transform those readings into a colourful portrait. The resulting images are beautiful.

The first Aura Camera was developed by Guy Goggins in 1970. He worked closely with a team of clairvoyants to develop an algorithm that transformed the electromagnetic energy of your aura into an electrical input that in turn showed the bright colours of your aura. Guy Coggins and his team later developed the Win Aura system which shows the energy in your chakras, surrounding your body and the aura around your head and shoulders.

Your aura is constantly moving. It’s based on how you feel in the moment, so whilst certain colours may be dominant, as you change your thoughts or bring different energies into your energy field, for example by holding a crystal, your aura will respond.

To take an aura photo, you place your hand on the sensor. The sensor records your electromagnetic energy, this biofeedback is sent through to the computer programme that analyses your aura. The resulting photo shows your aura colours.

As your aura is always moving it can help to take a moment to relax yourself before taking your aura photo. As you relax, your true colours start to show and they become clearer and brighter. I like to do this by closing my eyes and taking a few calm breathes, whilst I centre myself. This allows any stresses of the day to fade away and my true colours to shine through.

Regularly viewing of your own aura can show you the energies – the colours – that you are drawing to yourself and vibrating at that time. This can show you your strengths, areas to develop and which areas of your life to focus on.

Whether you believe in your aura reading or not, I’m sure you can appreciate the beautiful, colourful pictures.

Over my next few posts, I’ll explain more about interpreting aura colours and share some of my favourite aura photos. Discover more about different aura colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

If you would like to see your aura, you can arrange an aura photo session by appointment at the Crystal Cabin in Lowestoft.

Alternatively, check out your local mind, body and spirit events for an Aura camera near you.

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