Summer Solstice Card Reading

Layout for a 3 card reading for the Summer Solstice
A 3-card reading for the Summer Solstice

I love using tarot cards and other card decks to tap into my own innate wisdom, connect with my own divinity and work with my guides to set goals, ask everyday questions and further my own self-knowledge and spiritual growth. I find the changing times of the year the perfect time to draw some cards to ponder and reset my focus for the season ahead.

One of the easiest ways and, incidentally, also very effective, is to draw 3 cards. A 3-card reading can give you an insight into the energy that you are attracting and can be used in numerous ways. The key is to be clear on the questions you are asking for each card before you choose it.

In my previous blog, I talked about how the Summer Solstice was a time to celebrate what you have achieved, honour what has ended, and welcome in the new. With that in mind, I chose my three questions:

Card 1: What have I achieved and manifested that should be celebrated right now?

Card 2: What in my life should I honour that has ended?

Card 3: What is new that is just beginning that I should nurture?

Focus on one question at a time whilst you draw a card. Then ponder on what this means to you.

You can ask follow on questions for any of the three questions to gain more insight if required.

For card 3, I found it useful to draw a further 3 cards to help me align with the manifestation most beneficial to me at this time. My 3rd card was the card of perseverance. Although I had an inkling as to what this was referring to, I felt more insight would help.

My clarification questions were:

Card 4: What barrier or obstacle will I need to overcome to bring this to fruition?

Card 5: What action should I take, that will support me?

Card 6: What is the likely outcome?

If needed you can draw a further 3 cards.

A further 3 questions helped me gain the clarity I needed. This time asked:

Card 7: What are the current energies that support my manifestation?

Card 8: What is the best action I can take now?

Card 9: What is the highest or best outcome?

Remember you don’t need to ask all these specific questions, choose the ones that resonate with you at this time. Have fun!

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