Year of the Tiger

Picture of a Tiger for the Chines New Year
The TIGER? Seriously!? I was sure 2022 would be the Chinese Year of the CONFIDENT YOU.

The Year of the Tiger is a time of dramatic change. For some, there will be success and adventure and for others disaster and calamity.

It can be a time of political upheaval (goodbye Boris). Even the weather cannot be trusted with the promise of high winds and hurricanes of unusual severity.

From a Chinese perspective, the Tiger is the King of Beasts. The Tiger is a symbol of bravery. This bravery makes it a good year to take the lead, to be confident, and take action, especially in business.

The luxurious coat of the Tiger is associated with wealth. Hsuan Tan, the God of Wealth, is often depicted riding a tiger.

This is a time for boldness and rashness, and perhaps a bit of foolhardiness. It’s a time for planning vast and ambitious schemes.

For those under the protection of the Tiger, this will be a year of terrific progress. Sadly, others may feel they are being pushed to one side during this year.

It’s not a time for gambling or luck or chance. Rather a time of taking action, going for the big stakes and grand gestures.

For romance, it’s a time for passionate affairs, where the heart rules the head. Be careful, as discretion and caution may be thrown recklessly to the winds.

If you had the confidence what would you do this year? Be brave like the Tiger!

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