Mantra Therapy

Mantra Therapy

Drums, singing bowls, and shakes

Sound can calm or stimulate

Sanskrit mantra has been used to help improve health and well-being for thousands of years. This powerful and effective treatment uses chanting to bring the energy body back into balance. It is very effective on removing obstacles, pain relief and opening consciousness.

A first session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions last approximately 1 hour.

When: By appointment

Where: The Crystal Cabin, The Avenue, Lowestoft, NR33 7LN

Cost: Mantra Therapy (£45 per session)

To book: Call Katina on 01502 587 341 or email.


A selection of testimonials from my clients


Mantra Testimonials

Mantra Session.

I found the Mantra sessions very relaxing, which is something I normally struggle with following a road accident which left me with crushed vertebrae and nerve damage. After each session, I awoke feeling very refreshed and noticed a reduction in pain.

Katina chose the right mantras for me and took the time to understand the cause of my pain and then apply her knowledge to produce a treatment tailored to my needs. This is the first time my pain has reduced since the accident without the need for strong prescription medication. She also taught me a mantra to use at home, which I have used successfully to manage my pain levels.

Neil Chapman, Client

Mantra Therapy

I lead a very busy life, with 3 young children. It's lovely to come here and relax and have that time for me.
I like the way the session was tailored to my needs and would recommend this to any busy mums.

Sally Charge, Client

Mantra therapy, what a surprise!

I don't know what I expected but I hadn’t realised how powerful the mantras could be.
I just laid there while Katina was chanting and apart from being very relaxed, I could actually feel the energy flowing all around my body.

There are mantras for healing any part of your body and soul, but a good therapist will know which ones to use. Katina chose the best ones for me, and I have to say after 3 sessions, that I not only enjoyed the experience, and learnt about mantras, but I feel lighter and brighter in myself, and am now wanting to learn more about how this can work to help me in the future.

Nina Blyth, Client

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