Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy in Lowestoft

Rose quartz crystal heart layout for crystal healing therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed with life?

Do you want more clarity?

Are you holding yourself back?

Crystal Therapy is a gentle but powerful therapy which can help to heal, nurture and balance physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disharmony.

During a session, crystals are placed along points or energy centres on the body called chakras. These energy centres regulate the flow of energy in the body. The crystals help to stimulate energy flow through these centres.

A Crystal Therapy session can help release stress, encourage the body’s own natural healing, clear, balance and heal the chakras and energy bodies, bringing inner peace and harmony.

Once your chakra column is able to flow energy freely, your gifts and attainments can be integrated into your life. Helping you to move forward, feeling expansive and unlimited.

A first session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions last approximately 1 hour.

Crystal Therapy helps with:

  • Your ability to flow with life,
  • Manifesting your dreams,
  • Having loving relationships, and
  • Developing your intuition.
  • When: By Appointment

Where: The Crystal Cabin, The Avenue, Lowestoft, NR33 7LN

Cost: Crystal Therapy (£45 per session)

To book: Call Katina on 01502 587 341 or email.

A selection of testimonials from my clients


Crystal Therapy Testimonials

Gong Therapy

This was simply amazing. I had a series of three sessions and each one blew my mind due to the way the vibration of the gong washed over my body and stopped the pain in its tracks.

Prior to my second session, I had a migraine. I had been experiencing migraines weekly after a road accident, which left me with crushed vertebrae and nerve damage. These are very debilitating and normally I need to lie down in a dark room for the rest of the day. I discussed this with Katina and decided to go ahead with the session anyway. I'm glad I did, within 15 minutes all signs of my migraine had gone. The pain in my hand and shoulder had also gone; the pain reduction lasted for 3 days.

Quite simply this is the best treatment for anyone in pain. Never before has any treatment or medication stopped a migraine or affected any migraine I have had in such a positive way. It really was incredible. It sounds counter-intuitive, as was I raised to believe that noise would make a migraine worse. The gong is different, the sound moves and feels different. It just works!

Neil Chapman, Client

Drum Therapy

The Drum session was like being massaged all over, I could really feel the strong vibrations in my whole body. The most amazing thing was that the sound waves helped significantly reduce pain in my right shoulder and hand following a road accident which left me with crushed vertebrae and nerve damage. I cannot be touched on my right side without extreme pain, however, the sound waves were able to flow through my body and reach areas that are normally too painful to touch. The end result was I had less pain and was able to move more after the session. I recommend this treatment for anyone who has pain.

Neil Chapman, Client

Mantra Session.

I found the Mantra sessions very relaxing, which is something I normally struggle with following a road accident which left me with crushed vertebrae and nerve damage. After each session, I awoke feeling very refreshed and noticed a reduction in pain.

Katina chose the right mantras for me and took the time to understand the cause of my pain and then apply her knowledge to produce a treatment tailored to my needs. This is the first time my pain has reduced since the accident without the need for strong prescription medication. She also taught me a mantra to use at home, which I have used successfully to manage my pain levels.

Neil Chapman, Client

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